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20 Aug 2016
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15 Aug 2016
Understanding Camera Lens Filters

Types of camera lens filters

Contrast, sharpness, brightness, and color balance are some of the most important characteristics of any photograph. If you wish to enhance of these aspects, you can do it right away while clicking photographs, instead of working...

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Inventors of the first few cameras

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Ways to Clean the Viewfinder of Your Camera

Tip to clean viewfinder with rocket blower

Having even a speck of dirt on the viewfinder of your camera can be very irksome. Cleaning this vital part of your camera needs patience, and a gentle and steady hand. Presented to you in this Buzzle post, is the method of cleaning...

Basic Parts of a Camera and their Functions with Diagram

Parts of modern day digital cameras

Cameras are very helpful devices and are used for the sole purpose of capturing still images, may it be for leisure or security. Any and every camera has some fundamental parts which are very crucial for its functioning. Buzzle...

Choosing the Best Bridge Camera for Your Needs

Best bridge camera

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What to Look for When Buying a Camera Bag

What to look for when buying a camera bag

The perfect camera bag is one that does not distract you while you're engrossed in taking the perfect shot. It must be easy and comfortable to carry, and must accommodate and protect your camera gear, while top 10 cameras being lightweight.

Types of Cameras

Types of cameras

Cameras have captured the best of progress in technology and the beauty of life in its own. There are different types of cameras that have traveled long, freezing many moments in the history of mankind. Let us take a look at some...

History of the Camera

Cameras were not always as we know them today. Technology has evolved a great deal, making photography so much simpler and advanced. Here, we will take a look at the brief history of the camera.

SLR Cameras for Beginners

Whether it's for capturing your kid's first recital or the entire family's going on a vacation, a good dSLR camera is a must. In the following article, we've listed some of the best SLR cameras for beginners so that you don't have...

Traffic Light Cameras

Due to sophisticated technology incorporated in traffic light cameras, these devices do not miss capturing pictures of drivers who run a red light...

How to Make a Simple Camera Obscura

A simple camera obscura is basically a darkened enclosure with a hole on one side. It can be used to project the image of the surrounding area on a screen. Scroll down to find instructions for making this device.

Helmet Camera Comparison

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How to Clean your Digital SLR Camera

If you are looking for ways on how to clean an SLR camera, then the information provided here will prove useful to you. This is a process that needs to be carried out with care and steady hands, but it is unavoidable in order to...

Best Camera for the Money

There are many camera manufacturers in the market, each with numerous choices of Point and Shoot and DSLRs. This makes it difficult for a prospective buyer to choose the best camera for the money. This article will help you choose...

Best Camera Brand

Finding out the best camera brand would mainly depends on the photography requirements of the buyer. This article focuses on the best ones available and provides some information about them.

History of 35mm Camera

Cameras have been a subject of fascination since their inception. But they were not always as we see them now. This article traces the birth of the 35mm camera, its growth, and types. Continue reading to make the journey into its...

How to Use a Film Camera

Hold on to the memories that you are creating now. How, you ask? With a camera, of course! Because, someday you would want to relive them. Using a film camera is no big deal. Furthermore, the tips in this article will simplify it...

How to Make a Pinhole Camera

Trying your hand at making your own camera? Refer this article which gives information about the parts of a pinhole camera and also teaches you how to make one for yourself.

Camera Lenses Explained

A camera lens is also known as a photographic lens. It is an optic lens which is used with a camera to create object images on a suitable media. There are many different types of camera lenses, each used for a different purpose and...

How to Clean a Camera Lens

The beauty of a photograph also depends on the cleanliness of the lens. Learn how to clean a camera lens, and avoid those tiny imperfections in your otherwise perfect photograph.

How Does a Camera Work?

While clicking away those lovely pictures on your Paris vacation, did you ever wonder how your camera captures the delightful pictures. Well, for all you beginners who are interested in photography and want to get your hands on a...

Polarizing Filters for Digital Cameras

Polarizing filters are used to eliminate the effect of reflection in a photograph, and come in two types. In this Buzzle article, we tell you more about these filters.

Wireless Helmet Cameras

Wireless Helmet Cameras enable hands-free access to first-hand video footage. The gear is now extensively worn by sportsmen, military combatants, miners and firefighters, among many other professionals. Helmet video cams are...
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15 Aug 2016

CBS News

02:00 PM EST, 12/27/13: Russian spacewalkers told to bring Canadian cameras back to space station after telemetry problems

Two cosmonauts working outside the International Space Station Friday installed two cameras for a Canadian company as part of a commercial venture to beam down near-realtime Earth imagery, but problems receiving telemetry prompted flight controllers to tell the spacewalkers to bring both cameras back inside the lab complex.

Cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazanskiy had no problems installing a high-resolution camera for Vancouver-based UrtheCast, attaching it to an aiming platform outside the command module. They then attached a medium-resolution camera and ran long cables to connect it to station power and data circuitry.

But flight controllers were unable to receive expected telemetry and the spacewalkers were asked to unplug and reconnect a variety of cables in a bid to correct the problem. Finally, after extensive troubleshooting, Kotov and Ryazanskiy were told to detach both cameras and to bring them back inside the space station for additional troubleshooting.

"Both of them?" Kotov asked.

"Affirmative. We will take both telescopes inside," a Russian flight controller radioed in translated remarks.

After discussing the issue, one of the spacewalkers asked, "what happened here, if it's not a top secret?"

"There's nothing in the circuits," a translator quoted Russian mission control.

"They're all dead?"

"Well, we did not receive anything we really needed to receive in those channels," the flight control radioed.

"Would you like us to check those connectors one more time?" a cosmonaut asked.

"Everything that could be checked was checked," someone said. "We demated and remated all the connectors and still we did not get the results."

Kotov and Ryazanskiy were asked to take additional photographs of the cameras on their mounts, along with visible electrical connectors, before detaching them and hauling them back into the Pirs airlock compartment.

"The plan that was called up to Kotov 4k camcorders just a few minutes ago now calls for him to take an extensive amount of photos of the electrical connectors and the mating positions of those connectors on the two connector patch panels and then to disconnect those electrical connectors from both the high resolution camera and the medium resolution camera (and to bring them) back inside the Pirs docking compartment," said Rob Navias, NASA's mission control commentator.

"So it appears we have seen an unsuccessful attempt at bringing those two cameras to life," he added. "The exact cause of the problem is not known at this point. The Russian flight control team will spend some time, obviously, analyzing the data and trying to understand from the analysis of these photographs whether or not the problem lies in the electrical connectors themselves or in the cameras, which of course would be a more significant issue."

Installing the two cameras was the primary objective of the spacewalk and a major milestone for UrtheCast, which had hoped to begin transmitting Earth views back to subscribers around the world. Once operational, the company said it would post a free stream on its web site and provide a subscriber-based feed from the high-resolution camera.

How long it might take to resolve the camera issue and stage another spacewalk to install them is not yet known. A company spokesman said a statement would be released later in the day and that UrtheCast officials were hopeful the problem would be easy to resolve.

BC Business reported earlier this year that UrtheCast had secured a $35 million insurance policy "for the launch, installation, commissioning and business interruption of its two cameras aboard the ISS." If the cameras failed to work properly or could not be installed, the report said, the company would use the insurance coverage to build and launch a fresh set of cameras.

But it is far from clear whether any new hardware will be required or whether engineers can come up with a fix for the cameras currently aboard the station.

"Can you tell us at least approximately what you guys are thinking, why it didn't work?" one of the spacewalkers asked.

"Well, all I can tell you is there was no connection," a flight controller replied. "So we don't know why there was no connection, whether the problem was inside, was it outside."

09:20 AM EST, 12/27/13: Russian spacewalkers install hi-res camera

Completing the first major objective in a planned seven-hour spacewalk, cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazanskiy mounted a large high-resolution camera on an aiming platform outside the International Space Station's Zvezda command module Friday, the centerpiece of a commercial Canadian venture to beam down Earth views to subscribers around the world.

The 4K camera, owned by Vancouver-based Urthecast, was the first of two that will be installed by Kotov and Ryazanskiy during Russian EVA-37. The second, a medium-resolution imager, will be mounted at a different location on the Zvezda module.

When that work is complete, the cosmonauts will turn their attention to removing and jettisoning two experiment packages that are no longer needed and installing a space physics experiment. They also plan to attach a payload support boom.

"Wow! What a view," one of the spacewalkers marvled as the International Space Station flew 260 miles above Peru.

The cosmonauts have not encountered any major problems and are ahead of schedule on their timeline.

08:05 AM EST, 12/27/13: Russian EVA-37 begins

Following two U.S. spacewalks to repair the International Space Station's cooling system, two Russian cosmonauts are closing out the year in orbit with a spacewalk Friday to install two cameras on the hull of the Zvezda command module, along with a space physics experiment and a new payload support boom.

Expedition 38 commander Oleg Kotov and flight engineer Sergey Ryazanskiy opened the hatch of the Russian Pirs airlock compartment at 8 a.m. EST (GMT-5) to begin a planned seven-hour spacewalk, the third in less than a week for the station's six-man crew.

Kotov, call sign EV-1, and Ryazanskiy, EV-2, both are wearing Russian Orlan spacesuits with blue stripes and both are equipped with NASA-supplied helmet cameras to give Russian flight controllers a ringside seat.

This is the 177th spacewalk devoted to station assembly and maintenance since construction began in 1998, the 11th and final planned outing this year, the fifth for Kotov and the second for Ryazanskiy.

The first items on the agenda are to install a pair of cameras on the hull of the Zvezda module as part of a commercial venture with a Canadian company -- UrtheCast -- to beam down Earth views using high-resolution and medium-resolution cameras.

Based in Vancouver, UrtheCast (pronounced Earth Cast) says anyone with internet access will be able to download imagery 4k video cameras of selected targets using cell phones, tablets or personal computers as the space station flies 51.6 degrees to either side of the equator at an altitude of around 260 miles.

The medium-resolution camera will provide a fixed view of the ground below while the high-resolution 4K camera will be mounted on a platform that can be aimed at specific targets. The company plans to provide basic imagery free of charge while more specific imaging requests will be billed at yet-to-be-specified rates.

"Having a platform on the ISS gives us a really neutral place to let the world observe itself without having a single governmental organization control that data," the company's director of technology, Dan Lopez, said in an interview with

According to BC Business Online, the company is promoting an open Application Program Interface, or API, "which will allow developers to build products of its live-stream, and has signed data distribution agreements worth between $19 and $21 million."

BC Business also said UrtheCast had secured a $35 million insurance policy "for the launch, installation, commissioning and business interruption of its two cameras aboard the ISS." If the cameras fail to work properly or cannot be installed, the company would use the insurance coverage to build and launch a fresh set of cameras.

But it is not yet clear how much bandwidth UrtheCast will be provided by the Russians to get the imagery back to Earth. The Russians rely on a handful of ground stations for direct communications and do not have a globe-spanning satellite communications network like the one NASA uses to stay in contact with the station on a near-continuous basis.

Mike Suffredini, space station program manager at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, said NASA and Russian space officials were in negotiations over how much U.S. bandwidth the Russians will be able to provide.

"We're working some deals with them about how much bandwidth they want to get from us in a barter arrangement," Suffredini told Dec. 18. "You know, they would say 'I want a hundred gigs all the time' and we'd say, 'you can't have a hundred gigs all the time.'

"But we'll find a healthy spot there. The Russians, that's something they have to barter for because that is an asset that we use. But they've been talking to us about it. And we've been working back and forth with them to decide."

He said NASA has "some things that we want and they're willing to trade, so it is just (a matter of) getting it done. It is not a contentious issue."

Once the cameras are installed, Kotov and Ryazanskiy will turn their attention to installing a new space physics experiment and jettisoning two others that have run their course. They also plan to attach a new payload support boom.
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13 Aug 2016


With 2014 finally upon us, many folks use the start of the new year to kick off their personal health goals. 

And for a Lose weight Fast nation in which two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight and obese, that goal often centers around a weight-loss diet.

Federal health officials frequently tout a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and low in sugar, fat and salty processed foods

 as a way to keep your weight healthy. That's in addition to getting regular physical activity -- about 2.5 hours each week of aerobic activity for adults, numbers most U.S. adults don't meet.

That's where diet books aim to help, by offering step-by-step weight loss plans with recommended recipes and fitness routines.

While these books offer a range of strategies for losing weight, from dramatically lowering your calorie intake certain days Lose weight Fast per week to removing particular foods from your diet entirely, most experts agree the best weight loss routine is one that you can stick to.

Keep clicking to learn more about these 10 diet trends for 2014:

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13 Aug 2016

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