September 2016
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19 Sep 2016
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04 Sep 2016
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20 Aug 2016
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15 Aug 2016
Understanding Camera Lens Filters

Types of camera lens filters

Contrast, sharpness, brightness, and color balance are some of the most important characteristics of any photograph. If you wish to enhance of these aspects, you can do it right away while clicking photographs, instead of working...

Who Invented the First Camera?

Inventors of the first few cameras

The need for capturing moments in a much faster way than paintings do, resulted in the invention of the first camera in the world. Do you know the name of the genius who made it possible for us to store visual information so...

Ways to Clean the Viewfinder of Your Camera

Tip to clean viewfinder with rocket blower

Having even a speck of dirt on the viewfinder of your camera can be very irksome. Cleaning this vital part of your camera needs patience, and a gentle and steady hand. Presented to you in this Buzzle post, is the method of cleaning...

Basic Parts of a Camera and their Functions with Diagram

Parts of modern day digital cameras

Cameras are very helpful devices and are used for the sole purpose of capturing still images, may it be for leisure or security. Any and every camera has some fundamental parts which are very crucial for its functioning. Buzzle...

Choosing the Best Bridge Camera for Your Needs

Best bridge camera

If you wish to have a camera that has superzoom features (like the DSLRs) along with manual shooting options (like the point-and-shoot ones), then buying a bridge camera would be the best option. We, at Buzzle, give you some tips...

What to Look for When Buying a Camera Bag

What to look for when buying a camera bag

The perfect camera bag is one that does not distract you while you're engrossed in taking the perfect shot. It must be easy and comfortable to carry, and must accommodate and protect your camera gear, while top 10 cameras being lightweight.

Types of Cameras

Types of cameras

Cameras have captured the best of progress in technology and the beauty of life in its own. There are different types of cameras that have traveled long, freezing many moments in the history of mankind. Let us take a look at some...

History of the Camera

Cameras were not always as we know them today. Technology has evolved a great deal, making photography so much simpler and advanced. Here, we will take a look at the brief history of the camera.

SLR Cameras for Beginners

Whether it's for capturing your kid's first recital or the entire family's going on a vacation, a good dSLR camera is a must. In the following article, we've listed some of the best SLR cameras for beginners so that you don't have...

Traffic Light Cameras

Due to sophisticated technology incorporated in traffic light cameras, these devices do not miss capturing pictures of drivers who run a red light...

How to Make a Simple Camera Obscura

A simple camera obscura is basically a darkened enclosure with a hole on one side. It can be used to project the image of the surrounding area on a screen. Scroll down to find instructions for making this device.

Helmet Camera Comparison

The following helmet camera comparison tells us about the things that one should look for in a helmet camera, and also about some of the best helmet camera models that are available in the market. Have a look...

How to Clean your Digital SLR Camera

If you are looking for ways on how to clean an SLR camera, then the information provided here will prove useful to you. This is a process that needs to be carried out with care and steady hands, but it is unavoidable in order to...

Best Camera for the Money

There are many camera manufacturers in the market, each with numerous choices of Point and Shoot and DSLRs. This makes it difficult for a prospective buyer to choose the best camera for the money. This article will help you choose...

Best Camera Brand

Finding out the best camera brand would mainly depends on the photography requirements of the buyer. This article focuses on the best ones available and provides some information about them.

History of 35mm Camera

Cameras have been a subject of fascination since their inception. But they were not always as we see them now. This article traces the birth of the 35mm camera, its growth, and types. Continue reading to make the journey into its...

How to Use a Film Camera

Hold on to the memories that you are creating now. How, you ask? With a camera, of course! Because, someday you would want to relive them. Using a film camera is no big deal. Furthermore, the tips in this article will simplify it...

How to Make a Pinhole Camera

Trying your hand at making your own camera? Refer this article which gives information about the parts of a pinhole camera and also teaches you how to make one for yourself.

Camera Lenses Explained

A camera lens is also known as a photographic lens. It is an optic lens which is used with a camera to create object images on a suitable media. There are many different types of camera lenses, each used for a different purpose and...

How to Clean a Camera Lens

The beauty of a photograph also depends on the cleanliness of the lens. Learn how to clean a camera lens, and avoid those tiny imperfections in your otherwise perfect photograph.

How Does a Camera Work?

While clicking away those lovely pictures on your Paris vacation, did you ever wonder how your camera captures the delightful pictures. Well, for all you beginners who are interested in photography and want to get your hands on a...

Polarizing Filters for Digital Cameras

Polarizing filters are used to eliminate the effect of reflection in a photograph, and come in two types. In this Buzzle article, we tell you more about these filters.

Wireless Helmet Cameras

Wireless Helmet Cameras enable hands-free access to first-hand video footage. The gear is now extensively worn by sportsmen, military combatants, miners and firefighters, among many other professionals. Helmet video cams are...
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15 Aug 2016

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